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Psalms for Prosperity

The psalms of the Bible are a literary treasure chest of prayers for prosperity. Below is a list of which psalms to recite for common financial requests. In some Catholic and Santeria traditions, you say the prayer or write the prayer out after lighting a candle. You may also recite the prayer as many times as you want to transform it into a kind of a mantra.
Psalm 1: To disarm office gossips, discourage those who would harm your reputation
Psalm 3: To conquer fear of poverty
Psalm 5: To ask for a special financial favor
Psalm 6: To ask for mercy from creditors
Psalm 7: To ask that blocks to progress be removed
Psalm 8: To improve confidence, to bring customers to a business
Psalm 10: For encouragement, self-confidence and stamina
Psalm 11: For mercy, tenderness and compassion, to triumph over enemies when backed into a tough corner
Psalm 12: To over come gossip, bad rumors or attacks on reputation, to overcome anxiety
Psalm 13: To overcome anxiety, when backed into a corner
Psalm 14: To renew faith that the universe is unfolding as it should
Psalm 18: For protection of the home, deliverance from enemies
Psalm 19: To receive daily blessings, increase faith in the idea that the universe has a supply for every demand
Psalm 20: For a favorable verdict in court
Psalm 21: To increase one's spiritual vibration to invite prosperity into one's life.
Psalm 22: For deliverance from difficult financial situations, when you feel hopeless or backed into a corner
Psalm 23: For serenity, peace of mind and stillness of the spirit, to help access the higher self
Psalm 24: To calm disturbed thoughts, anxiety and still the subconscious and the spirit, relieve fears of the future
Psalm 25: For inspiration, to access the higher self
Psalm 26: For success in financial matters, to gain confidence
Psalm 28: To disarm adversaries, make peace with an enemy, invoke tenderness, mercy and kindness
Psalm 29: To raise your vibration, to purify the home
Psalm 30: For patience and acceptance of divine will, to understand that time brings what we need when appropriate, as a thank you for many blessings
Psalm 33: When feeling fearful
Psalm 35: For victory in a court case
Psalm 36: For when you feel cursed and for protection against the evil eye, to receive divine blessings
Psalm 37: To overcome jealousy, envy, resentment and disappointment, to become serene and still
Psalm 38: For protection in court
Psalm 39: For the courage to confront any problem, to conquer fear
Psalm 40: For the reinforcement of faith in God, to still the mind when you are feeling frustrated
Psalm 41: When feeling depressed or betrayed
Psalm 42: To reinforce the connection between your personality and the higher self; to open channels of opportunity
Psalm 43: For mercy when you find yourself in an unjust situation
Psalm 44: For mercy when you find yourself in an intolerable or unjust situation; to strengthen faith in God
Psalm 45: To increase one's faith in the power of the subconscious to follow your stated words
Psalm 46: To elevate enthusiasm for spiritual matter, increase one's faith in the guidance of the higher self
Psalm 47: To reinforce the four cornerstones of prosperity: health, freedom, happiness and love.
Psalm 48: To become a "smile millionaire", reinforce happiness and faith
Psalm 49: To overcome envy of the prosperity of others
Psalm 50: To reinforce the idea that the universe is benevolent and that all is unfolding as it should
Psalm 51: To quell feelings of guilt or self-criticism
Psalm 52: To correct an unjust situation
Psalms 53: To conquer skepticism and restore faith in the higher self and God
Psalm 54: To master doubts and negative thoughts
Psalm 55: To conquer anxiety and fear
Psalm 57: For when justice, compassion, kindness, tenderness or mercy is needed
Psalm 60: To put the past behind you, for a clean slate in the subconscious
Psalm 61: For help in finding a new home, when in trouble with creditors
Psalm 62: To reinforce faith in the higher self and strengthen spiritual values
Psalm 63: For anxiety, fear and discouragement
Psalm 64: To increase confidence, decrease fears of hidden enemies, to ask to be in the right place at the right time
Psalm 65: To give thanks for blessings that have been received
Psalm 66: To give thanks for an answered prayer and display an attitude of gratitude
Psalm 67: To give thanks for what one has, to eliminate discontent
Psalm 69: For deliverance in times of suffering
Psalm 70: To repel negative thoughts and attitudes of others
Psalm 71: For liberation from limiting thoughts or situations that seem like a trap, for confidence and persistence
Psalm 72: To improve financial conditions in general
Psalm 73: To eliminate those feelings and emotions such as anger, jealousy and resentment that take away our opportunities for our own enrichment and good
Psalm 74: To attract good fortune and repel enemies
Psalm 75: To encourage a job promotion or a hiring
Psalm 76: Traditionally, for luck winning the lottery
or luck at gambling
Psalm 77: To restore lost faith in yourself and God
Psalm 78: To tune into the higher self and the resources of the Divine Imagination'
Psalm 81: To increase faith in the goodness of God, faith in the higher self and that we live in a universe filled with endless supply
Psalm 82: To eliminate fear of poverty and injustice; to help get organized and make a "to do" list
Psalm 84: To develop a more optimistic view of the future and attract prosperity
Psalm 85: To find inner stillness, serenity and peace with God
Psalm 86: When feeling despair or discouraged
Psalm 87: To promote chances for success in the arts; to be read out loud before an audition, interview, exhibition or a pitching session
Psalm 89: To ease all pain and suffering, including that of a financial nature
Psalm 90: To express thanks for the blessings received each day, for justice
Psalm 95: To remove prosperity blocks, to be inspired to follow the path that is for your highest good
Psalm 96: To strengthen wavering faith in the face of opposition to your plans
Psalm 97: To resolve problems with creditors
Psalm 98: To keep a joyful heart and an attitude of gratitude for what you do have
Psalm 99: For mercy in legal proceedings
Psalm 100: To repel negative energy and harmful influences
Psalm 101: To get off a treadmill or break bad habits such as overspending
Psalm 102: To receive an answer to a specific problem
Psalm 103: To engage one's willingness to change for the better, for stillness and serenity and grace
Psalm 105: For forgetting and forgiving oneself for the mistakes of the past, for clearing the subconscious so you can have a clean slate
Psalm 106: For trust in the higher self and renewed optimism for the future
Psalm 107: As thanks for receiving deliverance from a hopeless situation, to break bad personal habits that affect prosperity (laziness, drunkenness, overspending)
Psalm 108: For success in business.
Psalm 111: To find the right job or career path
Psalm 112: To enlarge one's perspective, see the big picture and to allow one to grasp the significance of all their options
Psalm 113: To receive honors, applause, awards, rewards or accolades
Psalm 115: To resist naysayers and uncooperative people, for success in business
Psalm 116: To maintain a daily attitude of gratitude
Psalm 117: To conquer self-pity
Psalm 118: When problems are overwhelming, as a prayer of thanksgiving for blessings received
Psalm 119: (Gambol: Verses 17 to 24) To attract money
Psalm 122: To prosper in business
Psalm 123: To assure the free circulation of kindness as energy in your life
Psalm 126: To understand that problems are temporary and that this too shall pass
Psalm 128: To have a happy and peaceful home
Psalm 129: For deliverance against financial oppression
Psalm 131: To cast off pride, which is thought to attract the evil eye, jealousy and misfortune
Psalm 132: To acquire material goods and property
Psalm 135: To strengthen the heart and will so that one is led to their highest aspirations in life
Psalm 138: For confidence in times when you feel overwhelmed, to lose fear and anxiety about the future
Psalm 139: To instill confidence in God and the Divine Plan that is in store for you, when feeling lost confused or sad
Psalm 141: To receive answers for specific financial requests, for confidence and peace of mind
Psalm 143: To restore faith in your path and renew confidence that there will be a joyful, hopeful tomorrow
Psalm 144: To express gratitude and thanks for blessings
Psalm 145: For when you feel overwhelmed by financial problems and need answers
Psalm 147: For a peaceful heart and serenity during times of conflict and turmoil
Psalm 149: To help understand the timing of divine providence and to understand that there is a supply for every demand
Psalm 150: To obtain blessings and express gratitude for blessings
A simple prayer:
"Dear Lord guide me to honor you with my talents and treasures. Amen. "

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